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Strategy Reports and Manuals

Niche Publicity Reports - These manuals were written for over 80 specific businesses, professional practices and trades.  Each manual has dozens of word-for-word headline, complete press releases, opening paragraphs and story ideas that can be copied and used in your publicity campaigns.  There is even a full-year calendar with story ideas for every month of the year.  See if a manual has been written just for YOUR business.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS.

101 Sizzling Hot Ways To Get Publicity - Do you think there is only one way for you to get publicity?  If so, you're missing dozens and dozens of opportunities that are passing you by every day.  "101 Sizzling Hot Ways to Get Publicity" will give you specific instructions for getting publicity in ways you never imagined.  Will they all be for you?  Probably not.  but you'll find so many of them will work for you, they'll keep you busy for a long, long time.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS.

Another 101 Sizzling Hot Ways To Get Publicity - Do you want even more ways to get publicity?  Remember, every way you know to get publicity leads to more customers, more business and more profits.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS.

Cashing In On Media Relationships - Do you think your publicity opportunities are over once your interview is done?  If so, you're missing the most valuable part of a publicity campaign.  Do you know how to build and profit from relationships with reporters?  CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS.

How To Find Enough Media Contacts To Last A Lifetime - In just 17 pages, this tightly written report shows you exactly where and how to find full contact information for tens of thousands of reporters, talk show hosts, editors, producers, etc. all looking for stories like yours, every single day.  Stop wasting time trying to find these contacts on your own.  They're all right here in this report.   CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS.


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