Get Your Press Release to the #1 Position On Google News
In Just 60 Minutes.  GUARANTEED!

No, that's not some wild claim, ridculous hype or other nonsense.  It's true.

You can get your press release to the top of Google News in an hour or less - guaranteed!

Want proof?  Take a look at the screen shot below:

google-image.jpg 750x571

See the press release that says: "New Website Uses Mind Reading to Help Raise Funds For Non-Profit"? That's my press release. It's for my website

That press release was sent out on Monday evening, September 29.  Within an hour, it was in the #1 position for that keyword.

I sent out another press release a few days later on a completely different topic. This time my press release was about my website Within an hour it was also at the #1 spot on Google News.  Plus in a couple of days that website was picked up by the main Google search engine. People have waited weeks and months for their website to be picked up by Google. I did it in a snap.

But it gets better. I heard from Penny who followed my system and got her press release to the #1 spot on Google News in about 9 minutes.

And Allison who got her press release to #1 on Google News in four minutes.

And George who sent out a press release, following this sytem, and then went to bed. He woke up, checked Google News and his release was in the #1 spot.

And here's what Michael Silk had to say:

Hi Paul,

Just a real quick email:

I recently purchased your product Google Traffic Booster.

This morning I sat down at 10 am on the nail to read the report. By 11.30 am I had written my online press release (as per your instructions) and had submitted per your recommendations.

At just after 11.30 a.m. I hit the gym.

4 hrs later I checked my keywords "generate business cash flow fast" on Google News. Sure enough I had #1 ranking.

I just checked online (11 hours after submission of my press release) and... sure enough... my press release is now also #1 ranked on Google's main search engine for my keywords.

So, just wanted to drop you an email and say thank you Paul. Your product "does exactly what it says on the tin." And is so easy to follow even a technical idiot like me can get to the top of Google for my keywords in a matter of hours.

Thanks again Paul.

Please feel free to use this email as a testimonial or in any capacity.


Michael Silk.

PS. Oh yes, I'm still not yet through listening to the audio that came with the product. I'm just over 47 minutes through (another 26 mins to go) but, I got impatient and so just took immediate action on what you explained in the report - so there!:-)

You might wonder why you want your press release to get to the #1 spot on Google. There are at least 5 good reasons:

          1 - so that the person reading the release takes the action you want him or her to take,
                   such as to go to your website

          2 - so that reporters who have set Google Alerts for your keywords notice your press release
                   and take action

          3 - so that your release, and the links in your release, are picked up by the Google main search
                   engine a whole lot faster than it typically takes

          4- so that people searching your keywords on Google's main search engine find you and take
                    the action you want them to take

          5 - so that your press release gets picked up by other people and posted on their websites, in
                    their blogs, etc. George described how that happened to his press release

The end goal is to drive traffic to
your website and grow your business.

There are several ways to get your press release to the #1 spot in a snap.  I got together with an expert on the subject and we put together a report called:


In this 21 page report we walk you, step-by-step, through a process guaranteed to get you into the #1 position on Google News for at least one of your keywords.  

We show you how to write your press release, which service to use to distribute the release, how to track your results - everything you'll need to get that #1 spot.

PRESS RELEASE TRAFFIC BOOSTER - The Secrets Finally Exposed will show you the way to
get your press releases in the #1 position on and even
on for long term search engine results.

Here are the chapters in the report:

1. Examples of press releases, complete with URL, that reached number one position in along with step-by-step instructions on how to write your press release

2. The Secret method used to get to #1 Position on in less than an HOUR - GUARANTEED

3. How to choose a perfect headline to attract traffic to your website

4.  Choosing a press release distribution service to achieve maximum success and get traffic to your website. You'll even get a list of free and paid distribution services

5.  The three key points you must keep in mind when writing an effective online press release

All told, it should take you less than an hour to write your press release and get it distributed.  Once your press release has been submitted, simply go to, enter the keywords you used in the search box and look for your press release.

I guarantee your press release will be in the #1 position for at least one of your keywords.  It's likely, though, that more than one - or maybe all of your keywords will be in top positions.

Seeing is believing.  You saw the press release about my website and dog rescue organization in the #1 position.  I didn't just show you a snapshot of the Google News page.  You searched it yourself.  So I couldn't have rigged it in any way.

So, you can continue to monkey around, trying to figure out how to write an online press release and how to get listed high on Google News.  

Or, in less than an hour you can learn exactly how to do it and be on your way to a top Google News listing.

PRESS RELEASE TRAFFIC BOOSTER - The Secrets Finally Exposed has detailed illustrations to make it as easy as possible to get your press release up and running.

You don't have to be a technical whiz, a propellor head or any kind of computer geek to do this.  It's all very simple.  We show you how to do every step.

PRESS RELEASE TRAFFIC BOOSTER - The Secrets Finally Exposed is just $39.
You can download it as soon as you order.  The report is in Adobe Acrobat format.  
To open it and read it, you just need the free Adobe Reader, which is almost certainly
on your computer already.  Just in case it isn't, I'll give you a link to it.


*****Special Bonus*****

I recently held a private coaching call, just for people who had my Google News System. The call went on for 1 hour and 20 minutes.

I answered questions about the system that were emailed to me. I opened the phone lines until every additional question was answered.

Plus, I interviewed George Slater who was the first person to email me telling me his press release hit #1 on Google News. George had a spectacular success story to tell about how his press release got to #1 on Google News, #1 on the Google main search engine and was picked up by other websites as well. George went into intimate detail on how he did it.

When you order my report, you'll also get the complete recording of that call. You can listen online or you can download the MP3 file and listen on your MP3 player.


Here's another success story (one of MANY success stories I've received):


I purchased your Google News program around 3:00 PM today...

Spent an hour reviewing the program and launched my first press release at 4:16 PM today...


Ed Paul